A flexible approach

Tactus Design has an impressive portfolio of musicians, organisations and individuals. Many of our customers are at the top of their field in their individual pursuits, and all are impressed with the remarkable ease with which they can maintain their sites.

They are also impressed with the relative cheapness of the cost of designing and setting up their websites. This is because we work in the main with a modular framework, that is, a website onto which we hang our own theme. This theme is completely flexible, and can be customised to suit the client’s aesthetic and practical needs. The page you are reading at the moment is based on this theme: it is clean and practical, easy to read, and with a host of modules to make navigation and use as simple as possible.

The beauty of the modular approach lies not only in its cheapness (most of the background programming is available either free or at a small cost), but also in that it is possible to change the look of the site with the minimum of fuss. For example, a customer of some years ago wanted a new look to his site. Within several days, we were able to provide a completely different look without having to type in all the information, upload pictures or contact forms again. The reason for this is that all the information on your site is held in a database, and even when a site is altered substantially, the database remains intact and is imported into the new theme without a problem.

This makes the cost of a modular approach minimal, to the extent that, with an agreement to host with us for up to 36 months, we negate the fee of the design altogether (although there can be some charges for commercial sites, or for sites where is extremely complicated).

Another beauty of our modular approach is the flexibility it provides the user: with a username and password, you can log onto your site, create, edit and delete pages at will, upload pictures, audio and film clips and maintain the site with a minimum of fuss.

You don’t need to take our word for this. We have set up a test site for you to try at the following address: http://tactusdesign.com/sites/test.

Follow the instructions on the welcome page and within seconds, you will have one of the most flexible and easy to use systems available on the Internet.

All we ask is that you do not alter the information on the front page.

This does not mean that we do not create very individual bespoke sites. Some of our customers require something out of the ordinary, which you can see in some of those sites in our portfolio. Costs for such sites are negotiable, and we suggest you make contact with us to tell us your requirements, after which we can come to an agreement.