Take a test drive of one of our top sites

Employing a user-friendly interface for content management, this website has been designed to allow potential customers the chance to experiment. For busy websites, Tactus Design likes to provide their customers an administration and editing portal, which makes it possible to create and delete pages, as well as include pictures, audio files, downloads and pdf files with the minimum of fuss.

The site can act as either a static site or a blog/news oritented site. This makes our designs suitable for individuals, who might want a calling-card site or for businesses or organisations, who need to have features, news items, etc.

Here are a couple of the features we would like you to notice:

  • To the right, you will see the menu system. You will notice that some headings have sub-pages; these are created as “children” of the parent pages and are also easy to maintain and develop. This particular site has two sidebars, which means that you can use a variety of plugins to enhance the features of your site.
  • The search engine scans the complete site for any text that is pertinent to the search criteria. No programming is necessary and, since the website is content-driven, the search is quick and easy. Results are displayed on a separate page.
  • A multimedia box, which can be switched on and off at will provides the user with gallery features, the capability to display video, and a host of other features.
  • Clicking on the News tab above the header allows the reader to see the latest news items. You can have as many as you require, or none at all. The calendar to the right allows the reader to see past news items, as does the “Latest news” menu.

To try the site, follow this link to log in: enter Username: user, password: test and you will come to the interface screen.

To write a page, click on the heading “Pages” – - “Add New” and a screen will appear with a mini-wordprocessor. Add your title, type the text and format it using the icons above the writing window. (If you click on the icon to the furthest right on the line icons, more formatting icons will appear.)

When you have finished, simply click on “Publish” to the right of the window and that’s it!

To write a news article, click on the heading “Posts” – - “Add New”. A similar screen appears. Simply add the text you want and publish like the page. You can check it out in the News archive, and under the News menu. If you visit the news page, you will see that only a portion of the article appears on the page. These teasers link to the complete article.

It is possible for people to leave comments on news items, although this can be turned off for users who do not want to have the feature.

A couple of things to note:

  • Because the site can also be transformed easily into a blog, pages appear in ascending order, according to when they were published. There is a plugin that you can use to make the order of pages suit your requirements. At the top of the administration screen, under “Manage”, choose “My Page Order” and drag your pages into the order you require.
  • To delete a page, click on delete in the right hand colum of the editing screen. But be careful; once deleted, there is no getting the page back!
  • To include a picture, click on the screen icon at the top of the page, next to where it says Upload/Insert and follow the onscreen instructions.

Some questions answered

We notice from your website that we would need a business plan to host a site such as this one. Other hosts are much cheaper.  Why is that?

Hosting with Tactus Design is slightly more expensive than hosting with other companies, but there are benefits to using our service. Our hosting is not shared with other webs – most oversell their server space, hoping that not everyone will be online to all their webs at the same time. When they are, however, (and this is a common occurence) the server slows down and the sites become unstable. To use an analogy, when a car park has plenty of space, people have no problem parking their cars. At peak times, though, not only is it difficult to park, but travel in, out and around the car park is restricted and difficult. To take the analogy further, having Tactus Design hosting is the same as having a private car park. EVERYONE is assured a place.

Also, Tactus Design are so proud of their sites that we make sure everything runs smoothly on a regular basis. We also try our best to help our customers by answering their queries and providing help as quickly as is possible.

How much would a site like this cost?

We generally use a basic design for our sites, which is so flexible that its dimensions, header, sidebars can all be changed. We also provide sites with bespoke themes, but these can cost a considerable amount of money, anywhere up to £1,000 (according to your requirements). There are a number of other themes that you could see and want used as the design for your site. However, authors of such themes will require payment (usually in the order of $100-200), and the cost of modifying the design and coding depends on the amount of work needed. Included in this price is free hosting for the first year and domain registration. However, for those agreeing to host with Tactus Design, this price is reduced considerably. For those agreeing to host for several years, we would charge only for the cost of the theme and not for setting up the site services. Thus, were a customer happy to chose a long-term relationship with Tactus Design, we would charge nothing for our services. All you would get will be a bill for hosting.

What do I need to do to order a site such as this?

Just send an email to Tactus Design informing us of your requirements and we will contact you (just click on the link or, use the contact form on the page “Contact us). If you have an existing domain, you will need to contact your host/domain company and have the nameservers changed to ours. When the initial site is completed, we will contact you with all the information you need and will arrange a phone call to talk you through the initial stages of site management and use.

Is there anything else not mentioned here?

We can provide all manner of additional services for your website, including an e-Commerce options, Visa/Mastercard/PayPal gates, and, as we have found is becoming increasingly popular, a full blog site. Just ask if there is something else!

Have a play

Have a play and see how easy this system is to use. If you have any questions, just send a mail to us using the contact form on this website and we will try to answer them as soon as possible. If you would like a telephone tutorial, please send a message with a land-line telephone number and several alternative times for a conversation, and I will let you know which is the most suitable.

With best wishes,

Jon Baxendale
Managing partner
Tactus Design
Tel: +47 416 015 02