Some thoughts on hosting

by admin on March 17, 2009


We are aware that hosting a website can be incredibly cheap and some customers wonder why we do not match these prices.

The answer is that we can! But we don’t for one simple reason . . . We want our customers to have the best possible uptime so that their readers can access a site at any time of the day without any problems, which means that we cannot afford to flood expensive server space with as many sites as we can. Cheap hosts simply cannot do that.

Let’s use an analogy: imagine a car park that has places for fifty cars. The owner, however, lets space to one hundred users, knowing that not all customers will want to use the car park at the same time. He will probably be safe for the majority of the time.

But what happens when more than fifty cars turn up? What happens when they are all trying to get into the park, get out, or generally navigate their way around? Chaos!

Your web host is pretty much like a car park. Oversold servers result in chaos! Do you want your visitors to be confronted with this?

Your web host is pretty much like a car park. Oversold servers result in chaos! Do you want your visitors to be confronted with this?

Web hosting is pretty much the same. When you use one of the cheaper $5.00 per month hosts, you might think you have a good deal, but you are, in fact, in exactly the same situation as the car park customers. Cheap hosting companies oversell their space, thinking that not everyone will be visiting their server at the same time. When they do, everything becomes slower: when you are surfing, how many times do you get a 404 message, saying that the page is not available, or get frustrated when trying to pay for goods online, only to see the whole thing crash before your eyes, leaving you worried about whether you have paid or not?  

Usually, the cause is a server overload, and with many sites, that is often caused by too many people trying to access too many webs on the same server at the same time.

This makes cheap hosting the worse possible deal. Websites are more often than not used as a point of sale, whether they be their owners skills or wares. We all know that, in these days of quick service, we all navigate to another site if the one we are trying to view is slow to load.

At Tactus, we lease you as much server space as is suitable for your website. We never loan a portion of that to others. What you pay for is exclusively yours and belongs to no one else.

This means that your website will be available 24/7, with an uptime of 99.9%. In fact, the only time your website will be down is when important upgrades are being installed on the server, and this is usually for a short period.

Your custom is important to Tactus Design. We think our websites are individual and pride ourselves in their exclusivity. They deserve to be seen by as many as possible, and hosting with our company ensures that this will always happen!

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