To all students and alumni of the RNCM

by admin on March 16, 2009

Two RNCM graduates who have turned their keyboard skills to a different purpose, are celebrating their sixth year of business with a surprising offer to RNCM students and graduates.Former SKS students Nami Kani and Jonas Baxendale formed Tactus Design in September 2002, a web-solutions company that specialises in web projects for musicians. Since the company was formed, their clientele has grown from just a few musician friends to a network of professional musicians and students throughout the world. Customers familiar to the concert rooms and corridors of the RNCM include former organ tutor Kevin Bowyer, pianist Ave Krupp, organist Tom Bell and Manchester-based string quartet The Bacchus Quartet.

“With new technologies, building and maintaining websites has never been easier than today,” reported Jonas. “Previously, it was necessary to have a considerable knowledge of HTML coding to be able to maintain a website, but now, all that is necessary is to have word-processor skills. You just log on and edit the site online. It’s never been easier!”

To mark their sixth year in business, Nami and Jonas have decided to offer a limited number of free websites to students and alumni of the college. More information can be gained directly from them by contacting

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