VR Tours

Under the auspices of our new sister company, Tactus360.com, we are pleased to offer virtual reality tours as a part of our service. A 360 x 180 degree tour has strong benefits to those customers who wish to demonstrate an aspect of the services they offer: this might be for educational or sales purposes, allowing visitors to see into a room, or take a guided tour through a building.

Panoramic tours bring untold benefits to your company

Panoramic tours bring untold benefits to your company

Using the most up-to-date equipment, and some clever programming, a 360 x 180 degree tour will act as a good selling point for your company, whether it be purely to show off a work environment or to allow potential visitors to a building to see an aspect of its interior, or just to give a taste of things to come! Visitors to your website will be able to see inside a room, pan round, and zoom in and out to see its design and contents as if they were there in person.

Tours can be optimized for use on the web or for distribution as a CD/DVD.

For more information and examples of Tactus 360′s tours, please visit our website >>>